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Prof. Xiaoge Li,

 School of Computing, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Prof. Li Xiaoge graduated from University of Science and Technology of China in 1995. Then he studied in Asian institute of technology and then studied in University of Waterloo in 1995. He has been working on natural language processing, intelligent search, automatic question-and-answer system and text data mining in the United States since 2000. Then he was in charge of and participated in several Small Business Innovative Rsearch projects of the US government. He applied Information extraction technology for the first time and won the first prize in the annual automatic question-and-answer system competition (TREC-8 /QA Track) on natural language held at the annual TREC conference in the United States. The natural language processing engine and information extraction system developed has been used in various departments of the US government and market products, and many awards about the system were won in the US. Prof. Li participated in the preparation of the monograph "Advances in Open-Domain Question Answering ", and published several papers international conferences. After returning to China in 2009, he was awarded the Excellent Entrepreneurship Program for overseas researchers by the ministry of personnel. At present, his main research interests are parallel computing and storage of massive data on cloud computing platform. In 2011, he was hired as a Specially-appointed Professor of Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications and has been responsible for the scientific research work of data mining and analysis of super computing platform and high-frequency trading research center.







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