SSPS 2023


5th International Symposium on Signal Processing Systems (SSPS 2023) was held in hybrid mode during March 24-26, 2023.  We wish to express our heart-felt appreciation to all the participants and authors. We would like to express our gratitude to the conference committee & program committee members and reviewers.

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Moments of SSPS2023: 


Winners of 2023 Conference Best Presentation Award:

Session 1’s best presentations is:
WenChuan Wang, from Xi’an University of Posts & Telecommunications
With the paper ID CN064 Titled:
An Improved LMS Adaptive Filtering Speech Enhancement Algorithm

Session 2’s best presentations is:
Luchun Chen, from Tongji University, China
With the paper ID CN030 Titled:
What are You Posing: A gesture description dataset based on coarse-grained semantics

Session 3’s best presentations is:
Min Zhang, from 2012 Lab, Huawei, China
With the paper ID CN085 Titled:
FastSpanNER: Speeding up SpanNER by Named Entity Head Prediction

Session 4’s best presentations is:
Ratna Nirupama, from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India
With the paper ID CN114 Titled:
On the Implementation of the Algorithm for Representation of Discontinuity in Natural Language

Session 5’s best presentations is:
Gerrit Schumann, from University of Oldenburg, Germany
With the paper ID CN109 Titled:
Unsupervised Contradiction Detection using Text Generation

Session 6’s best presentations is:
Dr Oshin Anand, from Sahaj Software Solutions, Canada
With the paper ID CN134 Titled:
Context- aware Information Extraction from Multi-thread Business Conversations

Session 7’s best presentations is:
Dan Du, from Tsinghua University, China
With the paper ID CN127 Titled:
Perceptual assimilation of Mandarin consonants in second language acquisition

Session 8’s best presentations is:
Mengyang Cheng, from Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunication, China
With the paper ID CN074 Titled:
Small Object Detection Based on Context Information and Attention Mechanism

Session 9’s best presentations is:
Naijie Xin, from Beijing Institute of Technology, China
With the paper ID CN2004 Titled:
Design and Implementation of Target Tracking System in Low Illumination Environment Based on FPGA

Session 10’s best presentations is:
Huixiao Wang, from Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunication, China
With the paper ID CN103 Titled:
Upper Bound Analysis of TSN End-to-End Delay Based on Network Calculus