Call for Papers

 We invite original paper submissions related to (but not limited to) the following topics: 

Software Implementation of Signal Processing Systems

➢Software on programmable digital signal processors
➢Application-specific instruction-set processor (ASIP)
architectures and systems
➢SIMD, VLIW, and multi-core CPU architectures
➢GPU-based massively parallel implementations

Hardware Implementation of Signal Processing Systems

➢High-performance VLSI systems
➢FPGA and reconfigurable
architecture-based systems
➢System-on-chip and network-on-chip
➢VLSI for sensor network and RF identification systems
➢Processing-in-memory signal processing systems

Machine Learning for Signal Processing

➢Deep learning/machine learning/AI algorithms
➢Tools/platforms for AI
➢Edge and cloud AI computing platforms
➢Hardware/neuromorphic accelerators
➢Hardware/software co-design and
automation for AI

Design Methods of Signal Processing Systems

➢Optimization of signal processing algorithms
➢Compilers and tools for signal processing systems
➢Algorithm-to-architecture transformation
➢Dataflow-based design methodologies
➢Error-tolerant techniques for signal processing


Signal Processing Application Systems

➢Audio, speech, and language processing
➢Biomedical signal processing and bioinformatics
➢Image, video, and multimedia signal processing
➢Information forensics, security, and cryptography
➢Sensing and sensor signal processing
➢Signal processing for non-volatile memory systems
➢Latency-and power-constrained signal processing
➢Wireless communications and MIMO systems
➢Coding and compression
➢Signal processing for mixed-signal technologies